Goods Freight Elevators

With the assistance of our talented team of professionals, we are providing a high quality range of Goods Freight ElevatorsOther details:

  • The control system in these types of lifts is usually of the semi-automatic type, or is fully steering
  • Unlike passenger lifts, these lifts operate at considerably reduced speeds. Recommended speeds range from 15 to 25 meters per minute(50 to 80 ft. per minute)
  • Higher speeds increase the running costs. The lift-car is designed to withstand the heaviest load traffic.
  • Suitable protection at the entrance is given according to requirements
  • This ranges from swing type, 6 total gates. All safety gears, required under the Indian Factory Act, are provided in the lifts
  • The recently introduced Two Speed telescopic type gates, working with electric door operators can also be provided


  • Ruggedness
  • Excellent performance
  • Easy to operate