Heavy Duty Escalator

These are the Heavy Duty Escalator meant for the big public traffic movements. So are adequately designed in accordance with the specific application requirement to withstand more load and continuous operation. customer requirements. Our escalators unique & aesthetic look with customized concept design enhances the overall look of the installed place & the building design. These are mostly used in high public traffic movement areas. Mostly these are installed for Indoor applications. Features:

  • Indoor application
  • Working hours up to 15 hours a day
  • Square tube Truss is used for strength & reliability
  • Anti slip Aluminum Floor plates
  • Steps painted in Silver & Black color
  • Steps width ranges from 610 mm to 812 mm & 1012 mm
  • Side plates can be of MS or Aluminum or Stainless Steel
  • Safety of the passengers is taken on high priority with protective devices & safety arrangements