MRL Passenger Elevators

Our exquisite range of MRL Passenger Elevators is lighter, smaller and more efficient than the conventional motor available. Our products are highly desired by customers; and when compared with traditional induction motors, it is capable of providing very high peak efficiency as its design eliminates the rotor copper losses. Plus, one more exciting feature is that at the same speed as the stator field it contains the ability to abandon the rotor turns and the excitation winding. Our PMSM is considered highly efficient in high power applications like industrial drives and vehicular propulsion and is always used in robotics, actuators and other such machine tools. These products are developed with the help of the best available technology and effective materials. We also charge affordable rates. Manufacturer and supplier of MRL Passenger Elevators.

Advantages :

  • Gearless permanent magnet machine
  • Low top overrun
  • Smooth ride (first class roller shoe suspension)
  • Fast installation methods and times
  • No machine room, No ventilation problems, No vision windows etc
  • Earthquake friendly with jigged guiding
  • Small control cabinet on upper level